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Proud member of PeopleForBikes

We have joined PeopleForBikes as a corporate member. As we are expanding our presence in North America, the choice of joining PeopleForBikes was easy. Promovec and PeopleForBikes share many of the same values, such as improving people's health and focusing on better and more sustainable ways of transportation.


Since 1999, PeopleForBikes has created a prominent place for bikes in transportation, mobility, and recreation decisions at all levels of government. They have ensured bikes are prioritized and positioned as a natural solution to improve Americans' health, connect communities, boost local and state economies, strengthen our nation, and protect our planet.

Furthermore, PeopleForBikes remains a strong advocate for reclassifying electric bicycles as nonmotorized across federal public land jurisdictions. In 2020, they submitted a public comment in response to the USFS proposed revised directives requesting a change in classification alongside the inclusion of the 3-class electric bicycle definition, which was successful. 



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