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Promovec headquarters receives DGNB gold certification

As a company valuing sustainability and recycling, last year was a milestone for Promovec. With KT Erhvervsbyg A/S as the contractor behind our building project for our new headquarters in Denmark, we were honored to receive the DGNB German Sustainable Building Council GOLD certification in September 2003.

This certification recognizes and evaluates buildings with a strong focus on environmental, economic, and social aspects and has applauded our project in newer constructions and extensive renovations. Furthermore, we can proudly call ourselves gold-certified in three DGNB applications, including office, logistics, and production.

Being a large building with various functions, come along for a tour.

A new project with long-lasting solutions

Going back to when the project first started in 2022, the idea was to incorporate long-lasting solutions in the form of technical recycling systems that manage the building's water and power supplies by recycling them. With our contractor, we also decided to use recycled building materials, such as our concrete floors, that use our self-produced or sources of green power, heating the building overnight to keep the energy consumption low during the day.

Furthermore, using external natural resources, our intelligent CTS system optimizes and reduces the entire building's energy consumption. The CTS system, therefore, acts as a self-sustaining heat source, recycling and reheating outdoor air for indoor climate control.

"We can proudly announce that the headquarters recycles 100% of its energy consumption and plans to reduce CO2 emissions from production by 50% by 2023."

Finally, a building site requires digging and disturbing the nature around us. That's why we actively preserve our site's biodiversity, plant new seeds for plant life, and continuously expand our rainwater basins.

Social sustainability at our headquarters

Not only do we focus on our core values, such as sustainability and recycling, but also our work for the environment around us. Therefore, the building project for our new headquarters in Denmark focused on providing the best possible working conditions to create a healthy workspace.

To ensure a healthy indoor climate for our colleagues, our intelligent CTS system can detect CO2 increases in all rooms and provide natural cooling to the building. We utilize outdoor temperatures during the day- and nighttime, where warm and cool air can be recycled throughout the workday. Additionally, the building is double-insulated and includes many acoustic materials to improve sound levels.

At Promovec, we take pride in our social responsibility by encouraging a healthy and green lifestyle within our work culture. Our colleagues have access to a healthy canteen, in-house fitness, and ergonomic work facilities. We're also a certified Bicycle Friendly Workplace that participates in the yearly Bike to Work campaign by having excellent facilities for our biking colleagues. 

"This year, 32 employees participated by cycling for an entire month, collectively covering 9,143 km and saving 1,234 kg of CO2 compared to driving to work."

We thank our partners, KT Erhvervsbyg A/S, Ekolab, Rådet for Bæredygtigt Byggeri and everyone involved for this DGNB gold certification and recognition of our core values.




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