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Smart Grip - Power to your hands



The new Smart Grip for eBikes is much more than just a grip, it is an advanced grip with buttons and a display integrated into the left handle. The buttons are comfortably operated from the back of the grip, using the index finger and the thumb, without moving the hands away from the handlebar. This unique ergonomic design, together with the innovative operation possibility in the grip, secures a safer ride.

The grip shows any user interactions in the display and has haptic feedback when pressing the buttons. The display can show the following information:

- Battery level

- Actual speed

- Assist level

- Diagnostics

The Smart Grip can be operated as a fully-fledged standalone display, or it can be connected via Bluetooth to a smartphone using the Promovec Connect+ App to expand the level of user control over the eBike. You can even use the smartphone as a secondary display on the bike with extensive controls.



Never seen before on an eBike, and patented by Promovec, the Smart grip is an entirely new solution, bringing the eBike under more user control than ever before. Handing the eBike control to your fingers is an unprecedented and unrivaled experience.

The new functionality of the Smart Grip is Simple, intuitive, and high quality, beautifully integrated into both the bike and the Promovec product family. The Smart Grip fully supports all functions through the Connect+ APP and is a standalone operation for those who want to ride their eBike unconcerned.



In cooperation with our well-skilled grip supplier, Promovec designed the new Smart Grip in Denmark to ensure a cutting-edge design, integration, and vast experience within grip technology incorporated into the innovative solution.

All materials used comply with the European REACH directive and the observation list for materials under consideration for inclusion in the REACH materials list. The Smart Grip is designed with a green mind. Reducing the number of parts on an eBike and integrating multiple functionalities in parts that are already mandatory reduces the parts count and the multitude of industries needed to build an eBike.


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