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"At Promovec we are passionate about creating innovative, high-quality e-bike solutions. Our products also help meet the need for climate-friendly transport and reduce traffic challenges in urban areas. We believe the e-bike offer an important alternative to traditional modes of transportation in a world that is trying to come up with viable solutions to climate change, resource scarcity, population growth and rising urbanization"


Our battery production is supplied by 100 % renewable energy and for internal transpotation we use an electric car. We use SOP (Standard operation procedures) to minimize defects and reduce waste, FSC cardboard, waste sorting, and have flex time employees. 

We strive to automate our processes as much as possible with ergonomic tools to ease the employee’s workload which can be adapted oversea to our joint venture partner. This includes automated cardboard box assembler, semi-automated battery assembly, ergonomic tables and stools, vision camera system for safety, and quality assurance and minimize waste.


Promovec want to help our suppliers become more sustainable by implementing following initiatives. In Promovec we are working on a Co2 accounting of one of our high-runner bikes and a cargo bike, which will be completed in the end of November. 

The findings will be the setpoint for our ESG strategy and this will be conducted in the beginning of 2023. At that point we will know where to make corrective action for lowering our carbon footprint and monitor the processes and we will be able to set measurable goals.

We want to help our suppliers become more sustainable by implementing the following initiatives: 

  • Reduce supplier carbon footprint
  • Receive bulk pallets from suppliers
  • Eliminate plastic from packaging
  • FSC cardboard
  • Continuously work on heightening the quality and hereby reduce waste
  • Usage of renewable energy
  • Waste sorting


Our new headquarter will be awarded a Gold DGNB certificate for our focus on sustainability and recyclability. The building will be carbon neutral and is packed with sustainable features like wastewater recycling system, biodiversity gardens, CO2 neutral heat pump, reusable building materials, waste sorting, solar panels, electric car, and bike charging stations, outdoor cycling lanes and a Healthy indoor climate. Furthermore, all employees will have access to training facilities, healthcare, and a healthy canteen environment. 


We see it as our obligation to invest in sustainable industrialization by constantly developing and being innovative on all parameters within the e-bike, and at the same time help retrofit our suppliers to be more sustainable. In cooperation with our suppliers, we develop new innovative solutions and support the domestic technology development with efficient use of recourses.

Projects in progress:

  • Invisible battery
  • Smart grip
  • Controller development 
  • Center motor development
  • Complete bikes for private labels


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