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"With our e-bikes we combine the needs for efficient transportation with an environmentally friendly and sustainable development. Cycling is one of the cleanest forms of transportation available today and one of the most energy efficient modes of transportation in comparison with other means of transport such as cars, busses and trains."


We wish to help and promote the sustainable urbanization by supplying and supporting the green mobility with our safe and long-lasting e-bikes. The usage of e-bikes and the development of more bike paths will help reduce the carbon foot by at least 90% compared to an average car and hereby help fight the climate threats we encounter today. 

THE sustainable e-bike of the future:

  • Affordable bikes
  • Cargo bikes for freight of goods and transportation of children in cities 
  • Green mobility - Low carbon footprint 
  • Saves 250g. of Co2 for each km biked vs. car


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