At Promovec quality and reliability are given priority. All our products have been developed and designedfor the harsh Danish weather conditions. With all our electric bike products, the user will feel a fantastic balance between the power of the motor, the steering abilities of the bike and longevity of the battery. The driving characteristics, functionality and ease of use are top notch regardless of which assist level the cyclist chooses. Promovec also provides a 3-year warranty on the motor.

The electric bike differs from an ordinary bike by being equipped with an electric motor, a battery, a controller and a control unit. When the pedals are activated, a signal is sent to the controller via a sensor. The engine's performance while driving is then adjusted as required by the assist function. Promovec's electric bicycle program includes different types of software settings for controlling the engine e.g.speed-drive and eco-drive. 

With speed-drive, most help is obtained from the engine at each assist level. When the assist level is set, the speed is then adjusted. Thus, e.g. assist level 1 corresponds roughly to 10 km / h, and assist level 5 corresponds to 25 km / h. Eco-drive is the "economical" software setting which, depending on the assist level, provides uniform assistance from 0-25 km per hour.

The difference between the 2 settings is best experienced by a test drive. The electronic control automatically switches off the engine when the pedals are no longer activated. If the brake is activated or if the speed exceeds 24.6 km / h, the engine also switches off. The more the cyclist steps on the pedals, the longer the range of the electric bike. With the new types of electric bikes, there is plenty of opportunity to use the electric bike as a regular bike or turn on the assist function as needed.


Promovec offers several different types of Li-ION batteries depending on the electric bike model and driving needs of the rider. These are shown in the overview below:

All battery solutions are easily removed for charging indoors, and charging is done in the same way as charging a mobile phone or a laptop. A discharged battery is fully charged within 6 hours.

In addition to the size of the battery, there are a number of factors which affect the performance and thus the range. Here, among other things, are thee terrain the rider is driving in, the driving pattern, tire pressure, user weight and battery age. Since the battery is a part which experiences wear and tear, the power and thus the range of the bike will gradually decrease over time. It is therefore recommended to buy the battery one size larger than intended. 

Rack battery

AH Watt Weight
6.6 AH 238 W/hour 3.52 kg
7.8 AH 381 W/hour 3 kg
11.0 AH 396 W/hour 4 kg
13.2 AH 415 W/hour 4 kg

A powerful Lithium-ion battery with a performance at 6.6 AH, 8.7 AH, AH 11.6 or 13.6 AH to be mounted on the rack for example on the Promovec Flick model. The battery is removable, lockable and has integrated rear lights. It can be charged directly on the bike or be removed from the bike and charged indoors. Promovec provides a 2-year battery warranty when the battery is registered online.

Down tube

AH Watt Weight
8.7 AH 313 W/hour 3.84 kg
10.2 AH 367 W/hour 2.93 kg

The battery is built into the frame’s down tube of the Promovec Rush mountain bike model.The battery is removable and lockable and has an integrated charging socket. It can be charged directly on the bike or be removed from the bike and charged indoors. Promovec provides a 2-year battery warranty if you register your battery online.

Chain guard

AH Watt Weight
8.7 AH 313 W/hour 2.30 kg
10.2 AH 367 W/hour 2.30 kg
13.6 AH 490 W/hour 4.01 kg

The battery is incorporated in the chain case and hence does not “disturb” the elegant design and looks of the Whistle model. The battery is removable and lockable with an integrated charging socket.The battery is charged via the screen display on the handlebars or via an adapter when the battery is dismounted. The e-bike and the battery have the same locking system, so you only need one key. Promovec provides a 2-year battery warranty if you register your battery online.


There are several different types of displays in Promovec's electric bike program. All displays are mounted on the handlebars and the interface employs a user-friendly as well as intuitive design and is easily operated by the users thumb. The display provides a good overview of battery and assist levels, and the desired assist level is chosen in the display. Moreover, the user has a variety of other information ready at hand when needed.

A low assist level provides less assistance and longer range, whereas a high assist level provides more help for the rider and thus also equates to a greater power consumption, which reduces the range.


The LCD display also serves as a speedometer and as a trip counter.


All of Promovec ebikes are equipped with strong and silent hub and center motors. The hub motor is a strong and compact motor with planetary gear, The motor is in most cases 250 W and all of Promovec's motors are low weight. The power and low weight combined ensures the rider a powerful and smooth driving experience.

The hub motor can be located in either the front hub or the rear hub. The front wheel motor is typically combined with a battery solution placed in the luggage carrier, in the saddlebag or in the chain guard, ensuring optimal weight distribution.

This provides the most natural and comfortable driving experience. On the Mountainbike model Rush, for example, the motor is located in the rear wheel, and the battery is located in the downtube in the front part of the bicycle frame. Here, too, the weight distribution is ideal, and with the motor in the rear wheel, the power is best utilized and transmitted when driving in hilly terrain. The result is great maneuverability and an outstanding driving experience. The engine also provides the rider with a soft and natural start. Promovec offers a 3-year warranty on all motors.

CENTER 250 W / 500 W YES 25 KM/H
REAR WHEEL 250 W - 500 W NO 25 KM/H

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