At Promovec we are passionate about creating innovative, high-quality e-bike solutions. Our products also help meet the need for climate-friendly transport and reduce traffic challenges in urban areas. We believe the e-bike offer an important alternative to traditional modes of transportation in a world that is trying to come up with viable solutions to climate change, resource scarcity, population growth and rising urbanization. With our e-bikes we combine the needs for efficient transportation with an environmentally friendly and sustainable development. Cycling is one of the cleanest forms of transportation available today and one of the most energy efficient modes of transportation in comparison with other means of transport such as cars, busses and trains.

We at Promovec consider the need for sustainable and environmentally friendly transportation an urgent challenge. With our innovative e-bike solutions, we are contributing to the reduction of energy consumption and CO2 emissions. Besides making money we want assist in taking care of our planet – leaving it a better place than how we found it. Moreover, we also want to help shape future modes of transportation and the mobility of tomorrow. The e-bike runs on power and emits 30 - 40 times less CO2 than cars. It is modern, sustainable and environmentally friendly energy. When looking at discharge per kilometer a conventional vehicle like a car on average emits 132 grams of CO2 per kilometer. An e-bike emits approx. 12 grams of CO2 per kilometer.


The level of urbanization is increasing. The available space in urban areas is becoming increasingly scarce and possibilities for parking as well as traffic density puts strains on the modern city dwellers. The electric bicycle is a viable alternative to conventional ways of commuting. The e-bike offers a good alternative to the car – or to car number two. The e-bike reduces pollution, traffic congestion and noise in the cities. With the e-bike the cities are easy to get around in also to and from work. It is easy to commute 15 - 25 km – a distance many would not travel on a regular bicycle – without problems and without building up a sweat. And – again compared with a car – people using e-bikes also reap financial as well as health and environmental benefits that accompany the investment in an electric bikes.

The popularity of the electric bike has risen rapidly during the last years. The target audience has grown and e-bikes are no longer just for the elderly or people with light handicaps. With Promovec's modern and innovative designs and functionality, the e-bike has become attractive for families, young people, the commuter and the mountain biker. With our e-bikes, we strive to develop high-quality products which set new standards, improve and develops the way we get around in a sustainable and environmentally friendly way. Finally, Promovec also wants to contribute positively to the fun, healthy and exciting world of cycling by enhancing the number of cyclists in our world.

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