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As the market for e-bikes is growing and Promovec’s activities in the Nordic countries are expanding Promovec has now responded to the positive market developments by establishing its own service facility in Göteborg.


From Monday 18 February 2019 Promovec will have its own service facility in Göteborg, Sweden. This move represents a further strengthening of Promovec’s organization in general and in Sweden specifically. Also, the move is in alignment with the already established way of doing business at Promovec. “When we observe a natural progression in a specific geographic market we naturally respond with strengthening our presence in that market”, CEO of Promovec, Jesper Lundqvist says. “We have already implemented similar service solutions in both the U.K. and Germany and have similar plans for strengthening our presence and growing our business in other countries”, Jesper Lundqvist ads.


The service facility will initially be operated from Aröds Industriväg 14 422 43 Hisings Backa Sweden by Facilities Officer Isidor Johansson who has many years’ experience from the Swedish bicycle industry. “We are very happy and proud to announce this strategic move which is a signal to the Swedish partners of a strong commitment to a Swedish market showing great potential. And if the positive market developments continue our ambition is also to expand the Swedish facility significantly in the years to come”, Jesper Lundqvist concludes.


For more information about Promovec Sweden contact our Swedish facility at [email protected] or our Swedish service phone +46 10 884 86 21

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