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By Benjamin Andersen

The EuroBike global trade fair is undisputed one of the leading within the bike industry. All the bike businesses come together, and it is an excellent opportunity to network, share ideas for the future, and present your brand to media around the world. In addition, revolutionary new technologies and developments emerge every year. This year was not an exception – what a fantastic show.

To celebrate all the newest and greatest innovations, The EuroBike Show has since 2007 awarded the best within eight different categories. Promovec was nominated this year in the category of eBikes for the best and most innovated product. Amongst many brilliant new developments, our new advanced Smart Grip D500+ for eBike won. We are incredibly proud of the GOLD AWARD, and it shows the skills and commitment our technical department has.

This was the jury statement: "Surprisingly smart: the ergonomically-shaped handle with integrated control buttons has a mini display to show the settings of the e-drive and data, such as the battery charge level. It even gives feedback you can feel when shifting. Great for minimalists, it can also pair up with other displays or a smartphone via Bluetooth."


Since our last appearance back in 2019, there has happened a lot at Promovec. We have changed our appearance towards a more sustainable and Nordic look. It fits with our green philosophy about creating green mobility in the urban world. Our goal is to help shape future modes of transportation and the mobility of tomorrow.


Read more about how we work with sustainability.


Therefore, we clearly showed our new look and thoughts visually on our booth at the Eurobike Show. After many months of hard work, we could finally see a brand-new look representing Promovec most finely.

A whole new way of designing a booth. With new ideas, like a wall full of plants – connecting the concept of bringing nature and the urban lifestyle together. And to fully complete the total impression on our booth, all Promovec staff wear dressed in the "Promovec Uniform" and with the red shoes to match our logo - it was the final



We are obviously delighted with our booth, but more importantly, what was the customer's impression of our new look? They absolutely loved it! The feedback from visitors, customers, and partners were terrific – many thought it was one of the greatest booth they had ever seen. And moreover, it gave a natural occasion to speak about our work with sustainability, green transportation, and what makes an eBike sustainable. Thanks for all the excellent feedback – we will certainly go for the same kind of look next year!



We have participated at the Eurobike show in Friedrichshafen for more than ten years – and what a place. The town of Friedrichshafen is a beautiful place with a friendly atmosphere. We will definitely miss the town and people – a place where we have created many good memories.

Next year Frankfurt will be hosting the grand event. It will undoubtedly be a fantastic place to hold the event, and Promovec looks forward to participating and showing out our new innovations and sustainable way of doing things.

See you in Frankfurt 2022!



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