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We ensure extra security around your e-bike battery. In addition to the Danish consumer protection legislation of a 2-year warranty, Promovec A/S offers a 3-year warranty on the battery-included charger. If the battery or charger becomes defective within this period, Promovec will replace the defective part in the battery or charger. The warranty does not cover the battery's normal aging and wear and tear. Read more below.



  • The battery has been heated, short-circuited, punctured, or otherwise mistreated.
  • The battery has been separated or broken.
  • The battery has been connected to or placed in an open flame.
  • The battery has been submerged in water or any other type of liquid.
  • The battery has been tried to be charged with chargers other than the one provided.
  • The battery is subjected to unauthorized intervention.


70% CAPACITY GUARANTEE: To be eligible for Promovec's

3-year capacity guarantee, if you register battery, must be registered via Promovec's website. The warranty covers a guaranteed minimum capacity of 70% for 3 years from the date of purchase. Registration must occur no later than 14 days from the date of purchase.

If a battery is capacity tested to less than 70% within the 3-year and any additional 5-year warranty period, Promovec guarantees to repair the battery so that there is a minimum capacity of 90%.

Battery registration can be found here.

The following information shall be recorded:

  • Buyer's email
  • Battery serial and item number
  • Date of purchase 

If you do not have an e-mail address, the dealer can help with the battery registration and a copy thereof. After registration, an e-mail will be sent confirming the entered information. Please keep this receipt. The registered information is also stored electronically at Promovec A/S, so it can constantly be retrieved.

Should a complaint about the battery arise, please get in touch with the dealer where the battery was purchased. If the dealer submits the battery to Promovec A/S in connection with a complaint, the following must be sent:


  • Battery readout report (If possible)
  • Battery keys (without other keys and accessories)
  • Associated charger
  • Copy of purchase invoice for battery/electric bike and battery


Promovec A/S reviews the battery for faults and conducts a capacity test upon receipt. If Promovec A/S can acknowledge the complaint, troubleshooting, and battery testing will be carried out free of charge, just as Promovec A/S covers the shipping costs of sending and returning the battery and charger.

If Promovec A/S cannot detect any fault in the battery or if the capacity test result is above 70%, Promovec A/S cannot approve the complaint. In this case, a diagnostic fee will be charged for performing battery tests, which your dealer can inform you about. A test report will be included as documentation when returning the battery.


For business use as of 01.04.2023, we also offer this warranty when buying min. an 11Ah battery. To obtain this warranty and 70% capacity warranty 3 years from purchase, you must register the battery on our website.



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