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"We always have the users needs in mind when we test. For example, for bicycles targeting the older segment, the controller needs to be less aggressive, so the electric bike has a slower start than a mountain bike for young people, which also needs to have a sportier design. In other words, we always make sure that the systems fit the users."

Thomas Hansen Technical Electronic Manager


One of Promovec’s aims is to offer our customers high-quality products. Our test department regularly performs tests on both complete e-bikes and individual components. This gives us a good indication of the product quality and it allows us to take action in time if we find any manufacturing defects.

The test department, which has a wide range of test equipment, also plays an important part in the ongoing efforts to improve and develop our bikes. Before we start using newly developed components, we carry out a number of tests. Only when we have achieved a satisfactory result, the new components are ready to be used.


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