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"We are continuously looking for improvement internally. Our plan for the immediate future clearly shows our ambition to innovate and contribute to the world's challenges."



In general, we are always seeking to become more sustainable. As an example of this, our battery production facilities use 100% renewable energy and are supplied by climate friendly energy sources. We are using an electric cars for internal transportation. Furthermore, we use a CO2-neutral server for running our website and LED lights with 60-75% improvement in the overall energy efficiency.



The first step was to move most of our production to Denmark, and in the coming years we have a mission to have battery production with less impact on the climate. By virtue of our production facilities, we have control over the process and development, and we have a real opportunity to make the production of batteries more sustainable in the coming years..


In 2022 we will move into our new headquarter just outside Aarhus.
The building will be awarded a Gold DGNB certificate for our focus on sustainability and recyclability.
The measurements of the DGBN system are based on three key factors; sustainability areas of ecology, economy, and sociocultural. Those three factors are weighted evenly in the final evaluation.



We have gone from the black, colorful battery packaging boxes to a reasonable and sustainable packaging box. The new packaging boxes are recyclable and entirely made from cardboard. The material has been certified by the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) and we get it from a local source.


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