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The design and construction of Promovec’s e-bikes and e-kits is an ongoing process where the colors and the visual lines are combined with the latest trends in electronics, software and mechanical construction. Guiding principles in everything we do is also our vision, mission and our values.

Vision at Promovec


To create the
sustainable e-bike of the future


Mission at Promovec


To offer electrical bikes
and e-kits for Retail, IBD and OEM clients.
This will be done with a continous focus on quality,
security in delivery, unique service, and innovative product functions.


Core value Respect


We respect each other, our customers and what we do.
We understand and accept that employees, customers and business partners
are different and must be respected in their own way.
We are present and service-minded.
We listen to and acknowledge each other, our customers and partners.

Core Value Responsibility


We are quality conscious and trustworthy in everything we do,
and we are committed to making a difference.
We are loyal to each other,
our customers and partners, and take responsibility
for constantly improving ourselves.

Core values Courage


We dare to enter new projects and explore new business areas,
on our own or with customers, suppliers and other partners.
We are development-oriented and adaptable in our work and dare to be creative and think differently in every part of the organization.


We are all responsible for contributing to finding solutions for the environmental and social challenges we encounter in our society. We at Promovec, find it naturally to take such social and environmental responsibility in cooperation with our stakeholders.

Our CSR policy is therefore an integrated part of our business strategy and our vision, mission, and core values, as our vision is to create the sustainable e-bike of the future. We will reach this vision by making innovative e-bikes and e-kits with focus on quality, delivery and unique service while living up to our core values: Respect, Responsibility, and Courage. These values reflect how we at Promovec wish to act and how we will treat others around us, such as employees, customers, suppliers, and the society and environment in general.

Moreover, we have chosen to focus on the Sustainable Development Goals number 9, 11 and 12 as part of our CSR policy, which means that we, in close cooperation with our stakeholders, work hard towards obtaining a sustainable and profitable business, while at the same time contribute to the social and environmental challenges we encounter in our society today. 

We cannot do this alone and therefore we will strive to incorporate these values and strategic goals with our suppliers by implementing a signed code of conduct, that will be implemented throughout 2021.



To ensure our CSR policy, we are inspired by the below standards and use the Sustainable Development Goals as a compass for archiving our CSR goals.

Our CSR ambition is, to do our part, in contributing to the UN´s 2030 goals, as we see ourselves in a position, where we can make a small difference in reaching the 17 Sustainable Development Goals. We wish to further enhance our focus on CSR and strengthen our future work with CSR, and we therefore aim for joining the Business Social Compliance Initiative (BSCI) organization before the end of 2021. This collaboration will give us great knowledge, insight, frameworks, and tools to help us strengthen our CSR policy and strategic position even more.

By the end of 2021, when our code of conduct has been implemented, we will begin to continuously monitor our own and our supplier’s effort. This is done to ensure, that all parties follow the principals, standards, and the sustainable development, and with the intend to document the consumption of recourses and the social and environmental benefits along with the optimization of these. Furthermore, we will start to conduct audits to ensure, that we and our suppliers applies and uphold the code of conduct. 



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