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At Promovec we constantly survey and investigate the trends and possibilities of the future. The design and construction of Promovec’s e-bikes is an ongoing process where the colours and the visual lines are combined with the latest trends in electronics, software and mechanical construction.

Our work focuses on the integration between the different components in order to achieve the best possible balance between an elegant design and ease of use, while maintaining top-notch product quality. Promovec has made extra efforts to integrate state-of-the-art software with the e-bike, so that it is be able to communicate with other modern media.

The entire production takes place in close cooperation with selected suppliers who have the necessary experience and expertise to bring our development and design ideas to life. Through continuous development, Promovec wishes to show its vision for the future of e-bikes and set new standards for the looks and function of modern e-bikes. And we always strive to be a reliable partner in the future also.

"Previously when developing an e-bike we needed to be able to hide all the signs that indicated that people were riding an e-bike. For example 5 years ago you should not be able to see the battery. This has all changed now. Now it is trendy to ride an e-bike. And this is one way of illustrating how we go about developing our e-bikes. We listen a lot to our customers and the market when we develop our bikes. No matter what expression and price range our customers are seeking we have developed different types of components which match the different needs."

Jan Rasmussen CTO




Launch in Denmark of self-developed e-bikes.

Battery concept launch of Chaincase, Retro and MTB.



Launch of new generation of controller/eco-software.

Display minimal controls.



Modular concept (same controller for all displays and motors).

Extended range of centermotors, socket method.



Ready-to-order, Connect+ and QC improvements

Green batteries, Graphic display and Connect+ 2.0



Smart Grip D500+


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