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Steven Harad
General Manager

I started in the bike biz at 14, wrenching at a local bike shop. My first job was to assemble 500 beach cruisers. Not a fun beginning! Before buying my shop, I traveled the world as a mechanic for a professional triathlon team and spent most of my career working in the triathlon world. I still work part-time for many professional triathletes and get called to Kona Ironman each year to work on bicycles there.

I worked in shops until I was 21 and purchased my shop in 1989 when I was 21. I then started my brand of bikes called Elite Bicycles that we sold nationwide and a few international dealers. In 1995 I was the very first retailer to create a website. We were the first shop on the “World Wide Web,” and we tripled our business. Being the first was exciting, and we were learning how to manage the growth.

In 2001, I sold my retail store, Elite Bicycles, and my Website. My son was born, and I wanted to spend more time with him, and to work seven days a week wasn’t allowing my home time!

I was hired ASI and took over Kestrel Bicycles and Oval Concepts. I ran both of them for ten years, grew both brands out of bankruptcy, and loved my job. Wind Tunnel time, travel to every Ironman and got to design some award-winning bicycles. After, I was recruited to be the CEO of Blue Bicycles. I ran that for three years, and we sold the company to the owners of the factory.

I had a quick stint at North America Cycles as a Sales Director and then was recruited by HLC to be their Product Manager. Four years there, and here we are at Promovec. By far, the best decision I’ve made in the Bicycle Business!

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